SOLE E35 Elliptical Reviews

In today’s world, more and more people are interested in staying fit and healthy. Likewise, most of them are in search of ways on how to make that possible even without going to the gym or being engaged in outdoor activities. The best way to lose weight is through cardiovascular exercises, and nothing beats the use of an effective elliptical machine that would help you burn those calories away.


One of the best elliptical machines that you could consider is the Sole E35. This unit offers a lot of remarkable features, excellent warranties, and to make you more even confident in making a purchase, it’s also backed by some positive Sole E35 reviews.

We forgot to mention, for those who are looking for a space-saver machine, the Sole E35 would give you just that.

The Importance of an Elliptical Machine
Before anything else, an elliptical machine is a kind of …

Sole F63 Treadmill

 Sole F63 Treadmill Review

In today’s world, a lot of people are in search of exercise equipments that could help them achieve their fitness goals. However, not all have the allotted budget for that. Fortunately, the Sole F63 treadmill recently came out of the market and it was specifically designed for those who are trying to pinch their penny, but still aspire to get a top-quality product.

For those who are familiar with the Sole Fitness brand, they’d agree that it’s one of the brands in the fitness world that offers quality design, as well as customer satisfaction at a very affordable price. These are just some of the reasons why it has become a reputable brand for a lot of fitness enthusiasts.

Based on several Sole F63 treadmill reviews, this model is the smaller version of the F80. The F63 has a smaller motor, LCD screen, track length, but …

ProForm Pro 4500

ProForm Pro 4500 Treadmill Review

Recently, the ProForm brand released another model upgrade of one of their top-of-the-line treadmill, the Pro4500. It uses a 4.2 HP motor, with a 10” HD touchscreen, and a belt that’s 22” wide.

The first version of this model was released last 2011 and it earned a five-star rating from most consumers. However, soon after, there were complaints and the company had no choice but to pull the unit out of the market.

So, is this new version different? Apparently, it’s a whole new different product with just the same name. For one, it has a stronger motor, wider belt, additional built-in apps, steeper maximum incline, and other useful upgrades.


Notable Features:

- iFit Option
This unit is iFit enabled. Which means, if you’re interested in using this feature, you could pay for an annual subscription fee of $99. A lot of users have …

ProForm PRO 2500

ProForm PRO 2500 (Folding) Treadmill

The Pro 2500 is one of the most advanced treadmills made for the Pro Series. It uses state-of-the-art technology and has notable features that’s not available in your standard home treadmill. For one, it has a full-color smartscreen, a decline and incline feature, and aside from it’s 30 built-in workout programs, it also has an iFit Live.

Though, what makes the 2500 model different from the 4500 one? Well, the Pro 4500 treadmill could hold the heaviest users, but it’s also more expensive than the 2500 model. In fact, it costs twice as much. Nonetheless, both treadmills are still ideal, especially if you’ll consider their price rates.

Notable Features:

- Space Efficient

This unit is perfect for small rooms and for those who live in an apartment. When not in use, you could easily store it up. Likewise, even though it’s quite compact, it could …

ProForm PRO 2000

ProForm PRO 2000  Folding Treadmill Review

Over the years, ProForm has been known for its high-quality treadmills that are perfect for home use, and one of their most promising models is the PRO 2000. This model is packed with the top-notch features, such as iFit, a beyond compare sound system, a wider track with declines and inclines, and best of all, this treadmill is a space saver. So, for those who weigh less than 350 pounds, we do recommend that you check the PRO 2000.

Additionally, the PRO 2000 is considered to be the least expensive treadmill in the PRO series of ProForm, but the quality and features it has are still remarkable.

Notable Features:

- Space Efficient
It’s perfect for apartments and homes with a little amount of space. Just like other ProForm treadmills, the PRO 2000 could be folded vertically when not in use, allowing you to save …

ProForm Power 995c

ProForm Power 995c Treadmill Review:

The ProForm recently released an updated version of the Power 995 and it’s called as the “Power 995c.” Based on reviews, this treadmill seems to be very promising and has a great value. Aside from that, it’s also packed with 30 workout apps, as well as the iFit feature that allows users to personalize their workout training programs, making it more interactive and entertaining at the same time. For most, they could attest that this model is ideal for home use.

Notable Features:

- Workout Programs
The Power 995c has 30 built-in programs that are specifically designed by certified personal trainers, giving you a guarantee that it could help you achieve your weight loss goals. Similarly, you could also connect this equipment to iFit Live and enjoy additional exercise support. You could download customized training workouts, have a marathon with your friends, enjoy a bunch …

ProForm Performance 400c

ProForm Performance 400c  Folding Treadmill Review

Recently, the ProForm brand has released a new version of the entry-level treadmill called the “Performance 400c.” This treadmill could hold up to 300 pounds of weight and the length capacity of its track is 55”. Considering that, this treadmill is ideal for those whose weight is average, but are still interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It’s also very affordable and has 18 built-in workout programs that could assist with your workout routines. Likewise, you could also use the iFit Live module by paying $99 and you’ll have the privilege of customizing your workouts, get advice from some of the most famous fitness coaches, and the other features it has.



Notable Features:

- Workout Programs
The Performance 400c has 18 built-in workouts, with speed, distance, and calorie-burning goals. Aside from that, you could also connect your treadmill to iFit Live and enjoy …

ProForm Performance 600c

ProForm Performance 600c (Folding)

Recently, a lot of fitness enthusiasts are in search of a treadmill that’s affordable, but also durable. That’s the reason why ProForm upgraded their Performance 600c treadmill last 2014. This latest version is 60” long and 20” wide, which means it’s bigger as compared to the older version that’s only 58” in length.

Aside from that, the Performance 600c also has 22 workout programs and it could also be connected to iFit Live, but you must have a subscription or membership in order to enjoy its features. It’s Internet enabled, with interactive features, giving the users the privilege of customizing their workout plans depending on their needs

Notable Features:

- Space Saver Design
ProForm offers treadmills that are space-saving. You could easily fold the deck when you’re not using the device and you’ll be able to save a considerable amount of space.


Folding treadmill

- Workout Programs

ProForm Pro 7000

ProForm Pro 7000 Folding Treadmill Review

The ProForm Pro 7000 is one of the most preferred family treadmill models. However, in order to ensure that they’ll be able to maintain that kind of standing, it has been upgraded for 2015.

This treadmill could handle daily use with its 4.0 CHP motor that could last for a lifetime. Additionally, there’s no need for you to worry if your treadmill could handle your largest family member or not, rest assured that this equipment is capable of holding as much as 300 pounds and its spacious track would guarantee that every family member would have the chance to stay fit.

It’s packed with 34 built-in exercise programs, but you also have the option to personalize your workout routines using the iFit Live. The 7” LCD screen would show every data related to your workout, and even though it’s smaller than the 10” screen …

ProForm Power 1495 Folding Treadmill Review

Being labeled as the brand that produces the most powerful, high performance treadmills in the market today, the 1495 has advanced features, such as Internet connectivity and the iFit technology. Though, what makes this treadmill one of the best is that, it’s designed to be long lasting, making it the top choice for anyone who are in search of a high performance treadmill.

This treadmill has a 3.5 CHP Mach Z Commercial Pro Motor that’s known for durability, performance, and speed. Though, aside from that, it’s also considered to be smoother and quieter than most treadmills available in the market today. It has a Quick Incline control that the users could take advantage of, because it could boost the performance almost instantly and quickly without causing any interruptions with the pacing at all. The decline is 3%, while the incline could go up to 15%, that the users would be …