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With a new design in 2015, the Sole fitness f80 treadmill is more powerful than its predecessors, and features a larger running belt as well. This sole fitness f80 gives you more power, more speed, and more running options, making the sole 80 treadmill a great choice for the avid runner looking for a great workout. In addition to the new, larger format and more power, the list of features with the sole f80 treadmill are endless. Quiet technology, various preset workouts, and ease of setup, are some features the sole treadmill f80 offer to those who are on the market for a new machine. This sole f80 treadmill review will give you a bit more in depth view of the device, and how to go about finding the sole f80 best price when choosing this model machine.  f80-treadmill

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The f80 sole treadmill for sale features several high quality parts, workout for every individual, and a solid, rugged construction, for even the heaviest of users.
>Powerful motor: Sole f80 reviews claim this is a powerful treadmill, with great power. With a 3.5 CHP motor, online sole f80 treadmill reviews claim this is a great machine, even for heavier users. It can hold up to 375 pounds, so anyone can use this machine. Runners and walkers love the quiet flywheel, along with the speed settings of up to 12 miles per hour. The sole fitness f80 is more powerful, faster, and supports heavier weight users.

>The parts: When you choose the sole f80 sale, you will also appreciate the rugged body and heavy duty parts. The sole treadmill f80 uses solid, commercial grade parts, so it won’t break down on you. With shock resistant conveyor, powerful mechanical build, and solid commercial grade interior, sole f80 is rugged, and the sole f80 assembly won’t be as tedious as other treadmills.

>Built in audio: For those who listen to music while working out, built in speakers are ideal. You can choose to hook up your iPhone or iPod, or nearly any other mp3 or mp4 device you own.

>The track: The sole f80 manual also details how great the new track is on the latest design model of this treadmill. Two ply tracks are placed on 2.75” rollers, so your machine is built to last. A much larger, 60” X 22” belt is built for runners, and is far longer and wider than competitor treadmills.

>Incline: For those who want to burn more calories during the workout, up to a 15% grade incline is a nice feature. You can workout various muscle groups, to attain the best results when working to your full potential. A cushion flex technology is also softer on your joints. So, it will put up to 40% less pressure on the joints, in comparison to running on the asphalt, or other treadmills with a harder surface to them.

>The design: If you like a compact design, this sole f80 treadmill also delivers if you have limited space in which to set it up in. A horseshoe design ensures the machine is sturdy, and won’t break down on you easily. This, along with the foldable design style, allows you to store the treadmill in a corner, or even slide it under the bed when it is not in use. If space is an issue, this slim design model won’t take up too much of it in a tight home gym setting.

>The screen: LCD touchscreen makes setting up your workout a breeze. It is fully illuminated, so even if you like to workout very early or late, in darker conditions, you can see clearly on the fully lit screen. The alpha numeric screen also allows you to easily set up the time, distance, and other workout modes, with the slightest of ease. Even those who are somewhat technologically limited will find the sole f80 treadmill is quite easy to work with, and setting your workout mode is easy as well.

>Workouts: You do have a few options to choose from. You can of course choose the preset workout modes which are built in. You can also opt to do the time setting, or set the distance, for shorter workouts. If you want to do the manual mode, allowing you to change the speed, incline, or other workout parameters, you can also do so when you are working out on this treadmill.

>The coverage: You do receive a warranty with your treadmill as well, so you know you are receiving a high quality product when you choose this as your new  treadmill for a home gym. In the fitness industry and new treadmill industry, Sole offers far greater warranties, which are longer, and cover more, than comparison models and treadmills offer to their consumers. The motor and the frame are both covered by a lifetime warranty. If they ever give out, or need repair, you will never pay to have them serviced by a Sole technician. Electronic parts are covered by a five year warranty. Whether the LCD screen gives out, or some other audio function stops working, it will also be protected for a period of five years, and if repair or replacement is needed during this time period, you will not pay an addition cost for these things. Lastly, labor on your machine is covered with a two year warranty. If it stops running, if other issues arise, or if repairs are otherwise needed, for the first two years after you buy this machine, you will not pay for any of these repairs.

In comparison to most other treadmill brands, you will not find any warranties out there which are nearly as generous as what Sole offers to its consumers. This, and the machines are reasonably priced in the competitive market, so you will not overpay, nor will you have to pay for services which are rendered, or replacement parts, for many of the years in which you do own your treadmill in the event something goes wrong or stops functioning.

>The bonuses: A few extra features are also nice added bonuses with your sole treadmill f80 model. A wireless heart rate monitor is the first bonus. Unlike the predecessor, f63 model, you did not have this feature. If you want to check your heart rate during your workout, you can now do so to ensure you are in optimal fat burning or cardio mode when you are using the wireless monitor in order to track your entire workout on the treadmill.

Built in fan console is another added bonus. If you get hot, and need a bit of extra air during your workout, the powerful blower fan is a nice touch to your treadmill. It will not only keep you cool, but will also help to keep the treadmill at the ideal temperature, in the event you do like longer workouts when running. With built ins on the side arm consoles, you also don’t have to toggle to the LCD screen. You have speed change and incline adjustment right on the arm rests. So, if you like to do interval training, or need to quickly change the speed or incline, ,you can do so with the touch of a button, when you are holding on to the armrests when you are going at a faster speed on the treadmill.

Although other treadmills offer similar features, this one is nicely built, rugged, and it comes fully assembled. This along with the smaller, slimmer design makes it easy to store away when not in use. The added features, and upgraded design for the 2015 year, make this a clear cut winner for those who want full coverage, and want a reliable name brand for a new treadmill.


There are some nice features, but like every other treadmill, there are some things which detract from the great quality and design of this sole f80.

>Workouts: There are a few, but the style and preset workout modes are limited. Unlike other treadmills which have 15, 20, 25, or more workouts, you are simply limited to ten different varieties when you choose this new treadmill model. You have the six standard programs, which are also going to be found on nearly any other treadmill you purchase in today’s competitive market. There are two user defined programs, which do give you some freedom in setting a workout which is most in line with what you like to do best. Lastly, there are two heart rate workout modes, if you want to keep your heart rate up during the workout, in order to challenge your muscle groups.

This is the main detraction when it comes to negatives with the treadmill. It is one which does not offer too much in terms of customizing your workout. Additionally, unlike other models and brands out there, you do not have nearly as many workout modes to choose from, if you are the type of person who likes to change things up, or likes to try out new workouts on a regular basis. You are simply limited to these ten modes, so you do not have as much variety as you will get with other treadmills on the market today.

The Final Verdict:

Overall, the treadmill sole f80 is a rugged, solidly built machine. For those who want a sensible buy, a machine which is built to last, and one which features a basic design style, this treadmill is going to deliver on all of these fronts for you. It comes right in the middle of the f63 model, and the higher grade and priced f85 model. In comparison to the f63, it is more solid in construction, uses better commercial grade parts, and has a few added bonuses which aren’t present in the predecessor. It does not have as many workout modes, or some of the newer features, on the pricier f85 model. If you are simply looking for a base model treadmill, with a few workout modes, and a reasonable sole f80 treadmill sale price, this is going to be a good option for you to consider when choosing a new treadmill for your at home gym.

For those who are simply looking for a new machine which they can workout on everyday, the f85 model is really not necessary, and the sole f80 treadmill is going to suffice for most. For the lower price tag, and limited upgrades, you might as well save a bit, and use the high quality sole f80 machine.

Nice added features and upgrades do make this model an enticing option as well. It does feature the wider and longer belt, which makes it a great choice for the sprinter or those who like to do interval training. The built in keys on the armrests are also nice bonuses on this f80 model. Great audio quality, along with high quality, LCD touchscreen make this easy to operate. A more powerful motor, and up to 375 pound weight capacity, also makes this machine one which nearly anyone is going to be able to workout on, without having to worry about burning out the motor.

Throw in the mp3 and iPod connection, the high quality commercial grade parts, and commercial grade motor, and you won’t find too many treadmills which are going to outperform the sole f80, for a similar price tag on the market today.

Because there are so many models to choose from, finding a high quality treadmill, for a reasonable price, is sometimes something which is hard to do when you are setting up your home gym. With sole, you not only have a reliable name, but the f80 model gives you the bonus warranties, so you are covered for several years. With a reasonable price tag, nice features, and a rugged design, along with commercial grade parts, it is a fitness club quality treadmill, but you will pay a lower price for the at home gym treadmill.

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