The proform 600 le elliptical

Reading online proform 600 le elliptical review posts, you will find the different features which make it a great option for an at home gym. Some of the features users will appreciate with the proform elliptical 600 le are as follows:


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The proform 600 le is not only going to provide users a longer stride base, the proform 600 also ensures smooth movement and transition for different settings. Reading online proform 600 le elliptical reviews will help you determine how it performs, which features are best for personal use, and how the proform 600 elliptical will perform for you and your at home gym.

What We Like

1. The stride: Online proform 600 le reviews let you know how long the stride base is on this elliptical trainer. With an 18 in stride base, you can make longer movements, you can workout more muscle groups, and this will eliminate the potential for injury. With smoother, longer strides, not only do you workout more range, and more muscle groups, you also have more fluid motion, so you do not have to worry about injuries, or getting stuck on a short stride base, when working out on this trainer.

2. The flywheel: The proform elliptical 600 features an inertia enhanced flywheel. What does this mean? Basically, the more you put into your workout, the more you will get back. Online proform ellitpical 600 le reviews state the transitions are smoother, you can attain higher speeds, and you can move more fluidly, when you are using this in comparison to other trainers. With the quick paced flywheel, not only do you get more power for movement, you will also be able to put more force into your workout, without the elliptical doing the work for you. It will only give you as much as you are willing to put into your workout.

3. Space saving design: A slim design base, and folding design, allows you to easily store this machine in any tight space. No matter how much room you are working with, where you plan on setting up the elliptical trainer, or how tight the room is, you can easily fit the trainer into place. With the folding design style, you can also store it in a closet or other space when not in use, so you do not have to leave it lying around all day long when the machine is not being put to use.

4. LED screen: A bright LED lets you easily set your workout mode. You can choose from manual, time setting, or different preset programs when you workout. With single touch operation and a very responsive dash, not only is it very easy to see what you are doing, it is also a cinch for you to set your workout.

5. Wider foot base: For those who like a wider foot base for strides, you have more space for your feet on this trainer as well. It does have a solid, well built bottom, and the foot boards are going to give you more power, so you can get a faster performance out of the elliptical trainer. With a wider base, larger users can also use this machine, meaning more people can purchase it for their home gym.

6. Pulse grips: If you like to monitor your heart rate during the workout, the EKG heart grips allow you to do just that. You have them right on the hand grips as you are striding, so you can monitor your heart rate the entire workout. This allows you to modify the speed and intensity, so that you can remain in your target zone, whether you are trying to burn fat, burn more calories, or simply want to keep your heart rate at a certain level during the entire workout.

7. Workouts: With 18 preset workouts, this trainer has far more options in comparison to other trainers. Especially for the lower starting price point, you can choose from different manual modes, or higher intensity modes, based on the type of workout you want to complete. Whether it is high intensity or you want to take it easy one day, you will have various options and workout modes which will work well for you, when you choose this for your at home gym training.

What We Don’t Like

Like other exercise equipment, there are a few drawbacks with this proform 600 le elliptical as well. Some of the drawbacks include:
1. No backlight: The LED does not have a back light. Sure, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for some it is. If you workout very early or late, or are in a dark room, you can’t see very well as there is no lighting on the screen. So, even with all the workout modes, you will have difficulties setting things up if you are in a dark area, or workout during the day when it is darker out.

2. Quality: The machine is not as rugged or solidly built as some other elliptical trainers. Replacement parts are costly, repairs are costly, and the warranties are not nearly as good as what you will receive with other trainers on the market. You do pay less than other trainers, but you are not getting a machine which is as solid or sturdy as some other machines on the market with this lower price tag.


If you are on a tight budget, and willing to go for “reasonable” quality, you can’t find many machines for this lower price. With various workout modes, it is a good workout for most; but, quality issues do take away from what would otherwise be a great option when choosing a new elliptical trainer. Although the proform 600 le elliptical is not the best machine on the market, for many at home gyms it will do. Reasonable price, decent construction, and above average quality, are some of the reasons most people would choose this for use in a home gym setting.