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Fitness is the new buzzword in mainstream. A lot of people are becoming more aware and in active control of their lifestyle choices that maintain an overall well being of the body. This is manifested in healthier diet practices, more exercise integrated into schedules, and stress management and control practice. A lot of these have made a positive impact in the lives of those who seek to practice healthy lifestyles. Below is an insight.

Exercising in particular has given rise to innovative machines aimed to increasing efficiency and save time for those who are looking for exercise. A lot of people who want to exercise seek to do so within the home. This is for many reasons. For instance, safety concerns, comfort, and convenience. As a result, exercise machines made for the home have become increasingly popular, catering for those who prefer to work out in their home living space.

Treadmills are one of these machines. Being able to run in place is perhaps the most genius invention, and treadmills made it possible. Cardio is an important aspect of keeping the body fit and at optimal functioning. It is the basis of a well rounded well being. Running is one of the best ways to build and maintain cardio health. For those reluctant to run outside, treadmills have made it possible for them to run indoors. There are many benefits of treadmills, and each make and model of treadmill is different from the next, hence, why some treadmills are better than others.

The Sole F85 Treadmill is the treadmill in the hot seat in this article and we shall look at its specifications, pros, cons, and finally come to a conclusion about its overall quality and if it is worth the investment. We are aware there are numbers of treadmills available out in the market, and having one that suits your needs is one step closer to reaching your fitness goal. This sole f85 treadmill review is aimed to equip you with what you need to know in order to compare it to other treadmills and come to a conclusion on which treadmill to purchase.

Sole F85 Treadmill Specs:

Folding deck

Cushion Flex

Integrated Message Board

Continuous 4.0 hp motor

0-12 mph

0-15% incline

In built speakers

Display for: distance traveled, speed, time, calories burned, pace, incline, and pulse rate.

The folding deck feature of sole 85 allows it to lock the deck into place when it is in the upright position. This allows a sturdy and safe standing. Equipped with the cushion flex whisper deck, sole f 85 minimizes noise generated on impact of strides, enabling a quiet workout without disturbing others. Depending on your workout preference, you can increase speed and incline angles to suit the intensity goal of your workout. The higher the incline, the more difficult the workout. With these two features, you can arrange a variety of workouts for different days. Also, you can track your workout and view your progress at the end of each workout. On the descriptive message board, you can keep track of your pace, speed, incline and so forth. And an additional cool feature is the music capability. A lot of people prefer running with music on, and this treadmill does well to integrate speakers within the design to allow entertainment during your run.

What we like:

User Friendly: This simple to use treadmill is extremely user friendly and provides all the necessary specs in creating a comfortable treadmill running experience. We absolutely enjoy the display screen and its post run feedback mechanism which allows users to be able to view their progress and their performance during the run. This is a common feature for most other treadmills, but it is done especially well in the f85 sole treadmill.

Noise reduction: The cushion flex feature is simply genius. You can conduct your workout without disturbing others and get the ultimate workout without having to hear the sound of your strides. For an indoor treadmill, this is key because it helps in maintaining a quiet environment.

Music: Quite useful to have in built speakers for the treadmill. This is especially useful for those who prefer to listen to music or news or any other audio during running. Having them in-built in the machine is a step ahead most other machines.

Workout variations: When done by utilizing the speed variations and incline angles, you find yourself doing very effective and high intensity workouts. All this can be done within the home!

What we don’t like:

The display boards only measures and displays distance in terms of 10th of mile. This can be a pet peeve for those who prefer it to read up to the 100th of a mile. Also, the time measurement is only measured up to the 99th minutes. If you are used to running for more than 100 minutes or if you work up to that ability, it may be a bit of a disadvantage due to the discontinuous nature of measurement.

What customers are saying:

Customer ratings for the sole fitness f85 have generally been positive, giving the treadmill an overall 4.8/5 star rating–pretty great for the machine. Most customers are satisfied with the workings of the machine and its effectiveness in delivering workout variety and giving adequate feedback to the runner following the run. For the runner, this information is vital and the treadmill does well in providing it. Other customers who have tried many other treadmills have testified that the sole f85 is different and does an especially great job when compared to other treadmills. However, some have expressed concerns regarding the time and distance measurement limitations.

Final verdict:

Given that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages in owning and using this treadmill and that most customers are happy with their investment, it is safe to conclude that the sole treadmill f85 is a great investment. Minus a few minor concerns here and there, it is reviewed as a smart by and that buyers and owners would recommend it to other buyers. With that said, all the great features, good reviews, and useful technology make the sole f85 treadmill a worthy buy.


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