The Best SOLE elliptical machines of 2015

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You will find a great list of desirable features on these three best SOLE elliptical machines. They come with good variety of onboard programs and some very strong warranties. The SOLE E25, SOLE E35, and SOLE E95 elliptical machines all offer powered incline, a very useful feature for those looking to take their workout to the next level. Each of these models also helps you improve your workout experience with some entertainment features. Choosing the best SOLE workout machine may be confusing with so many great features. But you can be sure to find a great elliptical machine by keeping in mind those features most important to you while fitting your budget.

  1. Sole E95

e95 On the best Sole elliptical machines list, the Sole E95 takes a top spot because it offers strong warranties, nice variety of workout programs, and excellent display features. Our Sole E95 elliptical review found this machine equipped with all the desirable features users are looking for. The Sole E95 has on board programs designed to assist you, no matter your fitness goal. These on board programs include interval, heart rate, and weight loss programs. This machine has in addition a 40-degree power incline function. As other Sole machines, the E95 comes with strong warranties, including five-year parts and electronics warranties and a lifetime frame warranty. If warranties are important to you, the warranties for E95 are among the best in the industry and this elliptical machine makes a good option to consider. Overall, the features of the Sole E95 can suit the needs of most users.

The E95 sole elliptical is in every sense an absolute “Best Buy”. This model has been awarded “Best Elliptical” in the above $2000 price category. The Sole fitness E95 elliptical machine provides a tremendous value. E95’s easy to use electronic console provides users with all the features usually found only in a professional gym model. The vibrant LCD readout found on the E95 Sole elliptical is also used in many club models. The machine comes with a holder for water bottle, and a built-in cooling fan included. The E95’s console features built in speakers which can connect to any MP3 player for easy listening and more entertainment during your workouts.

The drive system works silent and provides a fluid and natural motion. The elliptical machine has functions in both reverse and forward motion. The higher gear ration and a heavy 34 lb. flywheel cannot be found on comparable models from competitor brands. Sole elliptical e95 provides a good workout with resistance at the top end yet with an extremely smooth feel. The E95 elliptical machine also offers additional resistance due to its power incline feature. For more variety in your workout you can select variable positions at the touch of a button. You can work on all major lower muscle groups due to the fully adjustable ramp angle in the range from 0 to 40 degrees.

With sole fitness e95 you can have a total body workout since upper body exercise is also possible by using the machine. Custom molded hand grips provide resistance and incline control. The stationary handle bars allow you to monitor your heart rate through the built-in pulse sensors. For heart rate interactive programs and hands free pulse monitoring it is also included a heart rate chest strap.

The oversize foot pedals come with durable foam cushioning for your best comfort. The E95 has unique ergonomic foot pedals. The foot pedals feature an inward slope that makes a 2 degree angle in order to help reducing knee and ankle stress. The adjustment of the foot pedal angle found in the sole e95 elliptical machine is a feature not easy to find on competitor models. The E95 pedals are adjustable to fit your particular way of walking. A dial called a “worm drive” can be used to adjust the pedals to your desired angle. This feature helps reducing sore Achilles tendons and numb toe effects.

The E95 machine features four rear wheels riding strong rails. This feature is designed to provide a more stable and smoother feel. Such a feature is usually found only on more costly models.


  1. Sole E25

e25   The Sole E25 fitness machine can also make a very good choice of elliptical machine. Sole E25 elliptical reviews found online show that customers are in general very appreciative to the features of this workout machine. Comparing with other two Sole models, the E25 ends up in second place on our list. This second position is mostly due to the fact that the warranties covering the E25 are a bit more limited than those covering the E95 model. However, this doesn’t mean that there are not a lot of good things to appreciate about this Sole elliptical.

This machine offers the same wide diversity of workout programs found on the E95, including interval, heart rate, and weight loss programs. This elliptical machine, like the E95, features a powered incline function, but in case of E25 this is only adjustable up to 30 degrees. The E25 elliptical machine is significantly smaller than either of the other Sole elliptical machines reviewed on our comparison list. This is useful for those users who need to save some space. Those looking for a good Sole workout machine on a budget will be appealed by the lower of E25. With so many things to like, the Sole 25 elliptical makes a very good choice. Those looking for a good Sole workout machine on a budget will be appealed by the lower of E25. With so many things to like, the Sole 25 elliptical makes a very good choice.

Priced at around $1000, the Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine is not a cheap one, but it is as good as professional elliptic machines found in gyms that would cost you over $5000. Of course, you can find on the market less expensive elliptical machines but with a cheaper machine the quality is just not there. A machine that comes at a very cheap price is not going to be as durable and rugged the elliptical Sole E25 and you cannot expect to find on it the same wide range of features. According to some Sole E25 elliptical reviews the E25 is a very cost-effective machine for the level of quality you get. This elliptical machine will provide you with an efficient full body workout. Its high gear ration and heavy-duty 19 pound flywheel are not easy to be found in any of its competitors. They provide the user a lot of top end resistance for challenging workouts and a very smooth performance.

For an effective workout you can select among nine automatic programs and a customizable option. You can monitor your progress on a 6.25 inch LCD display. The display keeps track of the distance you have covered, the time you have been using the machine, your pulse rate, the resistance you are using, and burned calories number. Additional features included are built-in speakers that can be connected to any MP3 player, a holder for your water bottle, and a built-in cooling fan.


sole e25

  1. sole e 25 1Sole E35

e35  The Sole E35 occupies the third place in our comparison review list. This elliptical machine falls slightly behind the other models of Sole workout equipment because it is missing some common workout options. For example, the fitness machine Sole E35 does not come with any calorie burning workouts designed to facilitate weight loss. However, this missing is compensated on a more positive note by the same excellent warranties you can find on the E95 model, including two year labor warranty, five-year parts and electronics warranties, and a lifetime frame warranty. This generous warranty can give you some peace of mind to those consumers most concerned with this aspect of the purchase.

The E35 model is slightly larger than some alternative models, but it is also more robust built. This choice of elliptical machine will undoubtedly prove to be a good one. Sole E35 elliptical reviews show that users appreciate many pros to this model. The features provided include the ability to adjust the angle of the incline up to 30 degrees, the ergonomic design that provides a high level of comfort during your workouts, and the generous warranties covering this model. The elliptical Sole E35 is a quality built machine that can definitely help you achieve your fitness goals.

With 16 resistance levels, 10 preset programs and differing ramp angles, the Sole elliptical E35 provides a substantial yet smooth workout. The machine allows you to customize two user profiles to your workout needs and adjust the stride length from 20 to 22 inches. By being able to adjust the stride to your legs length ensures that you are exercising in the most comfortable position.

Thanks to its automatic resistance and incline adjustment, adjustable stride length, and multiple user profiles, this elliptical cross trainer can provide a superb full body workout. While it does not come with as many specialty workouts as the other top Sole elliptical machines on our list, the elliptical Sole E35 is a choice worth considering.