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In today’s world, more and more people are interested in staying fit and healthy. Likewise, most of them are in search of ways on how to make that possible even without going to the gym or being engaged in outdoor activities. The best way to lose weight is through cardiovascular exercises, and nothing beats the use of an effective elliptical machine that would help you burn those calories away.


One of the best elliptical machines that you could consider is the Sole E35. This unit offers a lot of remarkable features, excellent warranties, and to make you more even confident in making a purchase, it’s also backed by some positive Sole E35 reviews.

We forgot to mention, for those who are looking for a space-saver machine, the Sole E35 would give you just that.

The Importance of an Elliptical Machine
Before anything else, an elliptical machine is a kind of exercise machine that’s main purpose is to simulate cardiovascular activities, such as jogging, running, walking, and even stair climbing. However, the difference of this from the real-time outdoor exercise is that, it wouldn’t give much pressure on your muscles and joints. With that, it could reduce the risks of injuries related to muscle stress.

Furthermore, this makes a lot of people opt for elliptical machines, especially to those who aren’t capable of using the traditional exercise equipment. Likewise, most elliptical machines provide cardio-based and non-impact workout for people to enjoy.

Aside from that, you could also modify the difficulty of your training by using the selections on the elliptical machine. This would allow you to modify the resistance and even the speed of the elliptical machine into something you prefer.

Moreover, just like what has been mentioned earlier, elliptical machines don’t only offer cardio training, but it also improves the metabolism and strengthens the lower, as well as the upper body of the person. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people choose elliptical machines, especially to those who are in need of a treadmill.

The Sole E35

The Sole E35 is proud to say that, it provides a high-intensity workout in the comfort of your home.

Considering this, the E35 is designed to relieve the stress the user experiences during workout and it also gives them the ability to control their training, putting lesser amounts of physically exertion on the muscles and joints.


Notable Features:

– Quiet Drive System
We could say that the technology that has been utilized by the Sole Elliptical E35 is best known for its ‘quiet drive system.’ Which means, it’s capable of providing a more natural flow of movements as you use the machine– both in normal and opposite movements.

This noiseless system of the E35 uses a 29-pound flywheel, as well as the machine’s higher gear ratio. That’s the reason why the machine is very smooth and doesn’t produce a lot of noise.

– Power Incline
The incline feature of this elliptical machine also adds up to its beyond-compare performance. It allows the user to use a wide range of point resistance that they need and they could also adjust this depending on the intensity of their cardio workout.

Similarly, the E35 Elliptical’s ramp could be adjusted for as high as 30 degrees and could be lowered to 0 degrees. This gives you a perfect choice of angles that could allow you to effectively target the most of the primary muscle groups located on the lower part of the body.

– Quality Display Screen
The display screen of Elliptical Sole E35 would show you everything you need for your workout. You could monitor your workout time, speed, and the distance that you’ve already covered. Another useful feature of this monitor is that, it gives you the information on how much calories you’ve already burned.

Sole Fitness

– Great Frame and Over sized Foot Pedals
This elliptical machine also has a nice set of frame features, that a lot of users appreciate it. For instance, the powered incline feature makes it easier to modify the level of incline depending on what’s the most comfortable level for the user.

For those who are worried about moving the elliptical machine after it’s been fully installed, would like the fact that it comes with transport wheels that would make transportation easier and more convenient. Frame features like these are just some of the main reasons why the E35 is a high-quality elliptical machine.

Moreover, due to the fact that it has oversized foot pedals, it wouldn’t feel like your ankles and knees are exerting much pressure at all– which means, it’d cause only a minimal amount of stress.

– Effective Weight Loss Equipment
Most users could agree that the E35 makes their cardio workout more convenient, entertaining, and fun. As a matter of fact, some even said that they didn’t even notice how time flies when they use this equipment. Though, if used for prolonged periods of time, you’d encounter the occasional squeaks, but that could easily be resolved. Just wipe the tracks and apply a little amount of the provided lube. After that, it’ll be as quiet as it used to be.

– Advanced Sensor Systems
Let’s be honest with ourselves; it’s impossible to discuss about a high-intensity cardio training machine without paying much attention to this. The E35 is packed with a number of sensors that could monitor the heart rate of the user while he’s using the machine. Aside from that, it also has an on-board program that would allow you to closely monitor everything.

– Fingertip Resistance
Perhaps, you’ve already noticed that the Sole E35 manual has a number of features that contribute in turning it into a machine that’s very easy and convenient to use. It has a fingertip resistance, as well as the incline controls that could allow the user to modify their workout without making them too distracted at all.

– Warranty
Just like other high-quality elliptical machines, the SOLE E35 comes with a very strong warranty– this could be of great help, especially when the machine suddenly stops working. It has a lifetime warranty for the frame; 5-year warranty for parts and electronics; and 2-year service warranty. Now, you could feel at ease knowing that your machine would be taken care of and you wouldn’t need to pay extra for that.

– Positive Reviews
We’d all agree that a product with poor reviews could serve as a red flag. This could be an indication that you should avoid the product at all cost or think again, for a number of times before you even commit to purchasing it. Some of the most common reasons why a product received a poor review is because, it doesn’t work well as how it’s supposed to be, or the features it has are unsatisfactory. Fortunately, this isn’t something that you should be concerned about with the Sole E35. In fact, you could even look for some Sole E35 Elliptical reviews and find out that most users gave this product a two thumbs up.

– Sole e35 Elliptical Best Price
Based on one of the Sole E35 review we’ve came across with, the Sole Fitness E35 is a great alternative to a similar gym-quality machine. However, it doesn’t cost as much, making it the perfect equipment for home use. It’s the ‘breeze to ride’ feature that most users love.

Also, as of the moment, there’s a Sole E35 sale going on and it offers free shipping.

What We Don’t Like

– Lack of Information
Even though the Sole E35 is packed with plenty of workout programs, a lot of users complain that it doesn’t really have a workout program specifically designed for weight loss. We all know that losing weight is one of the key reasons why we even try these fitness equipments in the first place. With that, it would be nice if the Sole E35 would come up with a specific program that would help the users lose weight effectively.

– Slight Squeaking
If you’re in the process of doing high-intensity workouts, you’ll begin to notice that your elliptical machine is producing some noise. Though, this could easily be fixed and considering the value of this machine, that’s expected to happen. If you want a machine that’s totally noiseless, you should invest a good amount of cash for that.

– Quite Bulky
If space has always been an issue for you, the Sole E35 would give you a headache. Before making a purchase, you should check if you have enough space for this machine.

Final Verdict

For us, we believe that the most notable feature of the Sole E35 is that it’s very durable. A lot of people have already tried using this machine– different weight and heights– and it’s been suggested that it could hold for as much as 375 pounds.

Should You Buy This Machine?
This would really depend on you. We could only give you an assurance that if you’re in search of a machine that could withstand prolonged and heavy use, the Sole E35 machine is capable of doing that.

In a nutshell, the Sole E35 Elliptical trainer is a machine that’s very easy to use that you’ll never get tired of using it on a regular basis.

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