ProForm Thinline Pro Treadmill Desk (Folding)

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A lot of people, especially those who work in an office setting are thrilled with the release of ProForm’s Thinline Pro. This treadmill is perfect for cramped spaces, because it could easily be folded when not in use. However, don’t let the size deceive you. Despite its compact stature, it still offers a remarkable power of 3HP.

This treadmill is packed with 40 workout apps; a speed of 12 mph; and 3% decline and 12% incline. That being said, you’ll be confident that this treadmill could assist with your weight loss goals.

You could also enable the iFit feature, but you need to purchase it separately. This feature would allow you to walk or run in routes that could be found in Google Maps, but that’s not all. Aside from the scenic view, you’ll also experience the incline and decline of the terrain being shown. Though, if you’d rather train with a personal assistant, the iFit also offers virtual training to its users. Best of all, you’ll never run out of training programs to choose from, because there are several workouts that are ready for download.


Notable Features:

– No Assembly Required
This treadmill is ready for use upon its arrival. All you need to do is unpack it and you could start with your workout routine.

– Adjustable
It’s ideal for adults– no matter how tall or short they are. Its maximum height capacity is 14” and it doesn’t have a minimum height capacity. Likewise, you could also set your tablet on the treadmill, or close the tablet holding area and use your laptop instead.

– iFit
There’s no need to purchase the iFit module, but membership is required. With iFit, you’ll be able to enjoy any location you prefer to jog using the Google Map. Likewise, you could also access an array of workout plans made by famous trainers, track your progress, and many more.

– Decline and Incline
The ProDesk Treadmill has a 3% incline and 12% decline. This allows the users to stimulate their muscles and tone them at the same time. Also, this feature allows you to exercise over various terrains and this could contribute to a better metabolic rate.

– Cooling Fan
For some, this feature isn’t really that important. However, this could have a positive impact on one’s endurance. The CoolAire fan of ProDesk has different speeds and you could easily turn it off if you want to.

– Motor
Having a 3.0 HP Mach Z motor, this treadmill could give you the kind of workout training you really need.

– Size
Due to its compact size, you could store it anywhere. It’s just 12” thick when folded, but has a length of 60” and a width of 22”.

– Safety Feature
This treadmill has a safety key, which could keep the user at ease. Likewise, this safety key could be used together with the lanyard, and it’ll automatically stop if the user accidentally slips.

– Warranty
It has a lifetime frame and motor warranty; 5-year parts warranty; and a 2-year labor warranty.

What We Don’t Like

– Small Rollers
Due to the fact that the rollers are quite small, there’s a chance that it’d be prone to wear. However, if you’ll consider the use of desk treadmills, you’ll realize that it’s not an equipment used for high-intensity workouts.

– Grip Heart Rate Monitor
The Pro desk treadmill has a dual grip heart monitor. This device is used to monitor the heart rate of the user, but the problem is, it’s not that accurate.

– Cushioning
The cushioning of the Pro desk treadmill is perfect for walking, but not for running.

Final Thoughts

For home and office use, the Pro Desk is quite promising. However, keep in mind that this treadmill isn’t the best choice for runners.