proform smart strider 935 elliptical

This is a review of the proform smart strider 935 elliptical if you are on the lookout for an ideal trainer that offers great value for money. This article goes into detail about the most notable features and specifications of the best elliptical 2014. Which naturally includes both the pros as well as cons when compared with other alternatives within the proform smart strider price range.


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The proform smart strider 935 is a one-of-kind exercise equipment that comes with plenty of preset workouts, built-in accessories and loads of variable resistance levels. All of which can effortlessly transform its users’ exercise regimen into a fascinating and highly rewarding experience. Let us now take a closer look at what this product has to offer.

To begin, this is an elite heavy-duty trainer from this firm’s spacesaver compact rear drive series, and has a maximum load capacity of 350 pounds. The smart strider 935 features 24 variable resistance levels that provide effectual weight resistance for its users to work with. The 935 comes with an adjustable stride length of between 18” to 20”, which makes it ideal for average height individuals as well as those of 6 feet tall and above.

This proform 935 has an adjustable incline function that enables it to tilt up to 10 degrees. Which permits users to comprehensively target a wide range of muscle groups while working out. A the same time users get to access vigorous exercises that are especially excellent in gaining strength. All proform 935 elliptical’s incline and resistance controls are situated on the swinging arm handles, which enables the user to conveniently adjust settings without taking breaks from their workouts.

The proform smart strider 935 elliptical comes with a 7” color LCD touchscreen console that is noted for its unmatched ease of use. This screen displays the users speed, distance covered, duration elapsed and even estimated calories burned. The whole package of proform smart strider 935 e includes a wireless chest strap that accurately monitors the user’s heart rate while exercising. There are also monitors on the grips of this trainer’s swinging arm handles that also serve the same function.

This console also has a port that is compatible with iPods and MP3 players, allowing the user to listen to their favorite music or audiobooks while working out. The proform smart strider 935 elliptical has 30 preset workout programs that cover fat burning, interval and cross training, hill climbing and even cardio routines. Users are also in a position to create their own exercises or effortlessly customize the preset ones according to their needs and preferences. To minimize the risk of injuries while using proform 935 e elliptical, all programs feature both a warm up and cool down routine at the beginning and end of them.

This product is iFit enabled permitting users to access loads of workouts, compete with friends and utilize Google Maps custom routes in their training. As for built-in accessories, this elliptical has a cooling fan, a water bottle holder and a tablet holder all integrated into its design.


· Full color touchscreen console with an Android web browser.

· Fold up spacesaver design.

· Adjustable power incline of up to 10 degrees.

· In-handle controls.

· Wireless heart rate monitor chest strap.

· iFit enabled.


· Lightweight flywheel of 18 pounds making its operations noisy and bumpy.

· iFit module sold separately.

Final verdict:

The proform smart strider 935 elliptical comes with a wide range of preprogrammed workouts, built –in accessories, automatic incline and resistance controls. All of which make it one of the best of its kind. Its iFit compatibility presents users with an enhanced experience and also accountability in achieving their fitness objectives.