ProForm Smart Strider 735 Elliptical

Find out what makes the proform smart strider 735 elliptical stand out from the rest of the pack, both in features it offers as well as functionality. This review goes into detail over all the features and specifications of this product to enable you to make an informed decision when considering to purchase it. This includes the pros and cons of the smart strider 735 elliptical when compared with other alternatives currently in the market.


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ProForm Elliptical Of 2015:  Smart Strider 735

To begin, this product is a mid-level trainer from this firm’s spacesaver compact rear drive series. In contrast to the entry level model from this series, the proform smart strider 735 elliptical trainer comes with 2 different adjustable features, which are the adjustable incline and the oversized foot pedals.

The first is power adjustable and by the touch of a button on the console, it can tilt from the 0 degree position to a 10 degrees slant. This allows the user to specifically target different muscle groups for a comprehensive workout. The proform smart strider 735 also features 20 built-in resistance levels that can also be useful in enabling users to achieve their fitness objectives in a convenient manner.

As for the foot pedals, they are also adjustable and integrate comfortable traction control for utmost safety and enhanced comfort. This one of a kind feature permits the user to effortlessly vary their foot positioning, which can come in handy when changing training or like earlier mentioned enhancing comfort.

This product has a 5” backlit LCD display that comes pre-bundled with 22 unique exercise apps ( 11 for calorie and another 11 for performance). Thanks to its patented RaceTrack display format, this console enables the user to conveniently track different statistics such as calories burned, time and distance covered. This display has an iPod compatible port as well as 2 speakers that enable the user to listen to his or her favorite tunes while working out.

The strider 735 is also iFit enabled. A feature that facilitates for hassle-free access of hundreds of top workout programs and Google Maps routes for an enhanced user experience. Like all proform elliptical currently in the market, the smart strider 735 elliptical’s frame is of a solid commercial grade steel construction. It also integrates the smart magnetic resistance technology.


· Fold up spacesaver design, permitting proform 735 elliptical to be used or store in small spaces.

· Power adjustable incline functionality, for effortless targeting of various muscle groups.

· Oversized and adjustable foot pedals for optimal safety and comfort.


· Lightweight flywheel of 18 pounds that makes this proform strider 735 elliptical’s operations noisy and bumpy.

· Diminutive LCD display.

· Doesn’t have in-handle controls.

Final verdict

The proform strider 735 is designed for those individuals that are on the lookout for an easy to use, customizable and durable trainer at a pocket-friendly price. It offers diverse remarkable features that most alternatives within its price range don’t ordinarily have. Apart from the few flaws listed above, this exercise equipment can definitely be regarded as an extremely smart buy. Most especially to those people that are looking for an affordable elliptical that comes with customizable options and space saving features.