ProForm PRO 9.0 NE Elliptical

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Are you one of those who have always dreamed of working with a personal trainer, but never had a chance to do so because you’re on a tight budget? With the ProForm PRO 9.0 NE Elliptical, you can enjoy the perks of having a personal trainer without the need to leave the comfort of your own home nor set a schedule. With that, you can say goodbye to procrastination and awkward gym interaction. This elliptical machine will always be available whenever you want to use it, and with motivation and determination, the rewards you can get are truly promising. There are a number of workout apps to choose from, including 14 speed programs and 14 calorie programs. Best of all, this machine arrives fully assembled and all you have to do is take it out from the box and you’re ready to go.

What We Like

> 20” Power Adjustable Stride
With the proform 9.0 elliptical trainer, you can achieve better muscle definition by just tweaking the workout stride depending on your needs. Aside from that, the power adjustable stride can also be repositioned depending on the height of the user. No need to compromise or worry that your height might restrict you from doing your workout routine, the proform elliptical 9.0 is perfect for the whole family.

> iFit Enabled
Everyone wants to travel around the world, but that’s not always possible. However, with the proform 9.0 ne , you can visit any country in the world with the use of Google Maps. Also, you can customize your workouts with the unlimited programs specifically designed by personal trainers.

> 28 Workout Apps
Once you step on the pedals of this elliptical machine, you’ll instant get the professional training you’re looking for.

> Out-of-Box Easy Assemble
Most users complain about how difficult and tricky it is to assemble an exercise equipment. With the proform 9.0, you don’t need to spend hours trying to assemble the equipment, because it’s already fully assembled. All you have to do is take it out from the box.

What We Don’t Like

> Warranty Period
The proform 9.0 ne only has a 3-year warranty on parts and 1-year for labor.

> Backlit Display
The Backlit display is not full color and you’ll need to have a table to access the iFit and other programs.

Final Verdict

Overall, the ProForm PRO 9.0 NE Elliptical is a very affordable machine that’s also versatile. In fact, most users agree that this machine is safe for all family members who meet the weight and height requirements it has. Likewise, you can easily adjust the elliptical depending on your need and you can start doing your workout.

However, despite the remarkable features proform 9.0 has, the parts and labor warranty aren’t that impressive at all. Though, almost all ellipticals has the same warranty period, that this isn’t really a problem at all.

Lastly, with the bottle holder, cooling fan, and stride length of the 9.0 NE, it can be an excellent choice, especially for those who want to get serious about their fitness regimen.