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ProForm Pro 7000 Folding Treadmill Review

The ProForm Pro 7000 is one of the most preferred family treadmill models. However, in order to ensure that they’ll be able to maintain that kind of standing, it has been upgraded for 2015.

This treadmill could handle daily use with its 4.0 CHP motor that could last for a lifetime. Additionally, there’s no need for you to worry if your treadmill could handle your largest family member or not, rest assured that this equipment is capable of holding as much as 300 pounds and its spacious track would guarantee that every family member would have the chance to stay fit.

It’s packed with 34 built-in exercise programs, but you also have the option to personalize your workout routines using the iFit Live. The 7” LCD screen would show every data related to your workout, and even though it’s smaller than the 10” screen of the Pro 9000 treadmill, there’s a few risks that it would malfunction because of its simplicity.


Proform 7000

Notable Features:

– Track Cushioning

In order to make your workout routine more enjoyable and comfortable, the Pro 7000 uses a Pro-Shox cushioning. However, if you’re used to running outside, you’ll probably feel the difference as you try this equipment for the first time. Your body would absorb less shock, improve your endurance, and it could also eliminate the stress on your joints.

– Built-in Programs
The Pro 7000 comes with 34 workout programs that would help you attain your fitness goals. With just a single click, you’re good to go– no need to scroll and modify the settings.

– iFit Options
Just like most treadmills nowadays, the Pro 7000 could be connected to iFit Live, and there are a number of things that you can enjoy with this program. You could have a marathon with your Facebook friends, use Google Maps and choose personalized routes, and you could also tilt downward or upward, simulating a real terrain. Best of all, you’ll be able to enjoy the scenery as you jog/walk.

– Decline and Incline
Improve your metabolism with the decline and incline option. The Pro 7000 has automated decline/incline ranging from 15% to -3%.

– Track Size
As compared to other home treadmills, the Pro 7000 has a wider track. It’s 60” long and 22” wide. Likewise, it’s also powered by a 4.0 CHP motor and could support up to 12 mph.

– Folding Design
Its compact design allows you to save space. All you need to do is just fold the track upward with the help of the shock-assist.

– Display
Even though the 7” LCD is quite simple, rest assured that it could get the job done. Though, aside from that, you could always use your tablet or laptop during your workout– just place them on the treadmill tray.

– Wireless Heart Rate Monitor
The Pro 7000 has the complete wireless system for a heart rate monitor, but you could also use the grip system, depending on your needs. Having the ability to monitor your heart rate allows you to better understand your development and how hard you’re working.

– Music
It has a USB port where you could plug your MP3, or other devices.

– Motor
The Pro 7000 has a commercial-grade 4.0 CHP that’s noiseless with a lifetime warranty.

– Warranty
Upon purchase, you could enjoy a lifetime warranty for frame and motor; 2-year service warranty; and 5-year parts warranty.

What We Don’t Like:

– Customer Support
Despite the fact that the Pro 7000 is remarkable, the customer support is the opposite. Even though you have a 2-year customer service warranty, which includes free repairs, it doesn’t mean that the response would be timely.

– Assembly
For an average person, it took 2 hours to assemble the older version of this. Thus, most people who have purchased the Pro 7000, paid extra for setup.

– Large Size
Even though you could fold the Pro 7000, it’s still a little bulky for home use. The extended footprint is 39.5” wide and 73.5” long. When folded, it’s 80” tall.

Final Verdict:

The Pro 7000 is a promising treadmill for the whole family that could last for at least 4-7 years if properly maintained. However, considering that it’s still quite new in the market, we do advise that you should wait a little longer to determine whether or not it’s really an outstanding equipment.

For now, if you’re still uncertain, you could always check the NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill, because they’re almost similar.