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ProForm Pro 4500 Treadmill Review

Recently, the ProForm brand released another model upgrade of one of their top-of-the-line treadmill, the Pro4500. It uses a 4.2 HP motor, with a 10” HD touchscreen, and a belt that’s 22” wide.

The first version of this model was released last 2011 and it earned a five-star rating from most consumers. However, soon after, there were complaints and the company had no choice but to pull the unit out of the market.

So, is this new version different? Apparently, it’s a whole new different product with just the same name. For one, it has a stronger motor, wider belt, additional built-in apps, steeper maximum incline, and other useful upgrades.


Notable Features:

– iFit Option
This unit is iFit enabled. Which means, if you’re interested in using this feature, you could pay for an annual subscription fee of $99. A lot of users have positive feedback about this feature, because it could virtually take you around the globe– thanks to Google Map, and aside from that, you could also have a marathon with your Facebook friends or do your workouts with the help of a virtual trainer.

– Decline and Incline
To help the users tone their muscles effectively, the Pro 4500 has an incline feature ranging from -3% to 15%. This could also improve your metabolic rate, which is hard to achieve if you’re only doing indoor exercise trainings.

– Bigger Track
The Pro 4500’s track is 22” wide and 60” long. Also, it’s powered by a 4.2 HP motor and could speed up to 12 mph.



– Space-Saving
Even though spacious track is quite appealing, a lot of people don’t have much room for it. Thus, a unit that could be folded is often preferred by many. The Pro 4500 uses the shock-assist technology, allowing the user to conveniently fold the unit when not in use.

– Display
It has a 10” full-color touchscreen that would help you monitor your progress and navigate the settings during workout.

– Program Variety
The Pro 4500 has 38 built-in workout programs that focus on calorie-burning, endurance, and speed. Likewise, the user could configure these programs depending on their preference. Also, if you’re not satisfied with the built-in programs, you could also use the iFit Live instead.

– Audio
Plug in your iPod and listen to your favorite music during workout.

– Motor
It has a 4.2 HP motor that offers a lifetime warranty.

– Warranty
The motor and frame have a lifetime warranty; 5-year warranty on parts; and 2-year service warranty.


What We Don’t Like:

– Display
Even though it’s an Android browser, users can’t install Android apps. Which means, you’re not allowed to surf the web and would only be limited to news and social media. Also, the wireless card of the Pro 4500 is not that powerful enough. Hence, you need to move your router near the unit to receive better signal.

– Small Rollers
It has 2.5” rollers and most customers believe that it would be better if it was bigger.

– Customer Service
Although they’re prompt in accepting orders, it’s the opposite when you’re reporting on a defective unit.

– Assembly
It could take more or less 2 hours to set up the unit, but you could always pay extra for assembly.

Final Verdict:

Overall, we could say that this product is not that remarkable, nor bad at the same time. The Pro 4500 looks great on paper, but this doesn’t mean it could also meet your expectations. As a friendly advice, if you’re considering this unit, it’s best to make some research first.