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ProForm PRO 2000  Folding Treadmill Review

Over the years, ProForm has been known for its high-quality treadmills that are perfect for home use, and one of their most promising models is the proform pro 2000. This model is packed with the top-notch features, such as iFit, a beyond compare sound system, a wider track with declines and inclines, and best of all, this treadmill is a space saver. So, for those who weigh less than 350 pounds, we do recommend that you check the proform 2000.

Additionally, the proform 2000 treadmill is considered to be the least expensive treadmill in the PRO series of ProForm, but the quality and features it has are still remarkable.

Notable Features:

– Space Efficient
It’s perfect for apartments and homes with a little amount of space. Just like other ProForm treadmills, the PRO 2000 could be folded vertically when not in use, allowing you to save a considerable amount of space.

– Display
It has an 8” colored screen that shows the available training program and you could also access the iFit Live through it.

– Program Offered
The proform pro 2000 treadmill has 24 training programs, focusing on speed, high intensity, incline, and calorie-burning. Aside from that, it also features a 3% decline and a 15% incline. It could speed up to 12 mph, giving you a guarantee that this equipment could definitely help you with whatever kind of fitness training you’re having.


Though, aside from the built-in training programs, most customers enjoy its iFit training options, because it allows them to train with their Facebook friends, with a virtual coach, and they could even simulate the experience of running outdoors with the help of Google Maps.

– Decline and Incline
In order to help the users with their weight loss goals, the pro-form pro 2000 offers an incline option ranging from -3% to 15%. It could simulate outdoor activities, while challenging the various muscle fibers of the body. Also, it has a “One-Touch” button that could automatically change the workout program depending on your preference.

– Audio
You could either listen to your iPod or other MP3 devices by plugging it into the USB port of the PRO 2000.

– Track
The track size of the PRO 2000 is relatively bigger than the standard track. It’s 60” long and 20” wide. Thus, it could accommodate even the tallest and widest runners.

– Motor
The PRO 2000 has a 3.25 CHP commercial motor and it could hold up to 350 pounds.

– Warranty
It has a lifetime warranty for motor and frame; 5-year warranty for other parts; and 2-year service warranty.


What We Don’t Like:

– Belt Length
Even though 60” is the standard length for well-built treadmills, it’s still quite short for tall runners who have longer strides.

– Tread Belt
Despite the fact that the PRO 2000 is truly a well-made treadmill, it still has some faults. Aside from the belt length, the belt is also 2-ply. Although it would outlast a single-ply belt, it still needs to be replaced after 5 years or so.

Final Verdict:

Without a doubt, the proform pro 2000 is definitely a hit! Even though it’s quite simple in appearance, it has a number of remarkable features, a powerful motor, and a well-cushioned track.