ProForm PRO 16.0 NE Elliptical

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The ProForm PRO 16.0 NE elliptical is the top of the line model in the Front Drive Series of ProForm. It’s a serious elliptical machine that has the ability of giving the kind of workout most users and fit enthusiasts need. Likewise, it also has a 32-pound flywheel– which is one of the heavier and ideal weight for flywheel. The reason behind is, the heavier the flywheel, the smoother and more efficient the elliptical can be.

Furthermore, the ProForm PRO 16.0 NE elliptical trainer is also equipped with a full-color touchscreen, as well as the android browser. This allows the user to keep himself entertained while sticking with his fitness routine without being bored at all. Also, this equipment is wi-fi capable and has a tablet holder, ensuring convenience and productivity.

What We Like

> 26 Resistance Levels: The ProForm PRO 16.0 has 26 digital levels that users can choose from. They can start out easy and progress to something more intense. Likewise, each level is frictionless, smooth, and silent. Thanks to the Silent Magnetic Resistance the 16.0 NE has.

> iPod Compatible Audio: Enjoy your favorite tunes while doing your workout. Just plug your device and you can start listening to your preferred music.

> Web-Enabled Screen: This elliptical machine is equipped with web-enabled, touchscreen display. You’ll be able to monitor your workout stats and visit your favorite websites as well. Not just that, you can also check your emails and participate in social networking. Who says working out should be boring?

> 20” Power Adjustable Strive: If your aim is to achieve better muscle definition, then you should change your workout stride every now and then. The ProForm PRO 16.0 has the power adjustable stride that you can reposition, depending on your needs. Thus, PRO 16.0 elliptical is  an equipment that the whole family can use.

> Multi-Position Upper-body Grips: This feature adds resistance and movement to your upper-body. Which only implies that your shoulders, arms, back, and core will also be challenged.

> EKG Grip Pulse: The EKG Grip Pulse will give you the kind of workout you’re looking for. Through this, you can monitor your heart rate and determine which areas of the body you should focus on.

> 40 Workout Apps: Get instant access to professional training programs that are fully loaded in just a single click of the button. Start challenging yourself and see the results in just a short amount of time!

> Warranty: The ProForm PRO 16.0 NE elliptical is covered with a lifetime warranty for frame, 6-year warranty for parts, and 3-year labor warranty.

What We Don’t Like

> Size: The ProForm PRO 16 NE elliptical is not very compact at all. Thus, it’s important to ensure that you have enough space in your room prior to making a purchase.

> Price: Truth be told, PRO 16.0 NE elliptical is not the most affordable elliptical machine in the market. However, considering it’s quality, it’s definitely worth the cost.

Final Verdict

Most users would agree that the ProForm  16 elliptical  continues the tradition of its elliptical predecessors. It provides a quality experience at a very affordable cost. Best of all, it’s very ergonomic that anyone will be able to use this machine, through simple adjustments.