ProForm PRO 12.0 NE Elliptical

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ProForm does it again by adding this exceptional machine to their Pro Series Line. Not only is the ProForm 12.0 NE Elliptical a revolutionary machine packed with outstanding features, it’s also described as a workout equipment that’s safe and comfortable to use. The 12.0 NE comes with over sized, cushioned pedals, as well as multi-position upper-body grips, giving the user the assurance that they’ll be protected from any kind of injuries that can happen while they’re performing their workout routines. Also, if you’re not aware, the ProForm has gone to extra lengths just to ensure that their ellipticals won’t cause as much stress and pressure to the joints unlike other machines.

Furthermore, the ProForm PRO 12 Elliptical also has a 32-pound flywheel that gives stability to this machine. Thus, even beginners will get the amount of support they need, while the fitness experts will benefit from it’s sturdiness, without the noise that other ellipticals has. That being said, no need to worry about interrupting family members during early hours in the morning or late night workouts.


What We Like

> 7” Full-Color Touchscreen: We can all agree that “me time” means we should be able to watch our favorite TV show or keep updated with the latest happenings in the Internet. With the 12.0 NE Elliptical, you’ll be able to do just that. It has a built-in full-color touchscreen display that allows the user to connect to the Internet.

Likewise, with this monitor, you can also monitor your speed, distance, time, heart rate, calories burned, and so on. You can keep a close track of your progress, helping you determine if you’re already reaching your fitness goals or not.

> iFit Enabled: Are you a tourist by heart? Then you should definitely travel around the world while doing your workout routines. You can visit the Chilean Coast, Paris, or even the Swiss Alps without leaving your home– thanks to the iFit feature of this 12 NE Elliptical machine. Additionally, you can customize your workouts with the unlimited programs designed by professionals.

> Out-of-Box Assembly: Nothing beats the feeling of unboxing your favorite exercise equipment, however, we also don’t want to waste our time trying to assemble it. Fortunately, the ProForm PRO 12.0 NE Elliptical trainer comes fully assembled that all you have to do is take it out from the box and you can start doing your workout!

What We Don’t Like

 > Steel Frame: The steel frame of the 12.0 NE Elliptical is quite heavy and bulky.

> Price: As compared to other ellipticals, ProForm PRO 12 costs a little more.

Final Verdict

The ProForm PRO 12.0 NE Elliptical is one of the best elliptical machines that has 24 digital resistance levels, 32 workout apps, and various activities that will keep you motivated for longer periods of time until you reach your fitness goals. Also, you can take advantage of the power-adjustable preferences of the ProForm PRO 12.0 NE Elliptical, and your whole family can enjoy using this equipment. In a nutshell, this equipment isn’t only designated to one family member, but for everyone who wants to stay healthy and fit!