ProForm Power 995i Folding Treadmill

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The ProForm Power 995i is one of the most recent models released by the brand ProForm. It’s a treadmill that’s specifically designed for runners with a 60” track incline and a ProShox cushioning, making it the most ideal workout machine. However, if you’re thinking that the price of this top-quality treadmill is more than a thousand dollars, we’re proud to say that it’s actually less than that.

It’s also packed with 30 workout apps, a wireless heart rate monitor, iFit readiness, and a powerful, yet very quiet motor that could probably last for a number of years. Likewise, its compact size would allow the users to save space, because you could fold this treadmill vertically when you don’t need it.

The proform power 995 treadmill  also offers a 3-year parts warranty, that it has been one of the top choices for those users who are planning to setup a home gym.

Loose weight

Notable Features

Easy Setup
Most treadmills are hard to assemble. It’s either you’ll need to waste your time putting the parts together or spend a good amount of cash hiring a professional to assemble the treadmill for you. With the Power 995i, there’s a guarantee that you’ll be able to set up this treadmill with ease.

Workout Programs
Aside from the 30 workout programs included, the proform power 995 i treadmill is wired for iFit live. With that, you could download some workout programs and get customized fitness advice from professional trainers. Likewise, you could also make your workout regimen more fun by inviting your Facebook friends to have a marathon with you. If that’s not enough for you, you could also “run” around the globe with the help of Google Map.

– Power Incline
In order to relieve pressure from the joints and make your exercise routine more effective, the deck of pro form 995 could tilt up to 15%. Though, if you also want the decline feature, you should look at the Power 1080i model.

– Heart Rate Monitor
To help you run at your best pace, the Power 995i has pulse sensors that are specifically built into the handlebars.

– Capable Motor
The Power 995i is ideal for commercial use, because it has a 3.0 CHP motor, which means, it’s sturdy enough and it could support the daily exercise needs of the whole family. It runs smoothly for up to 12 mph for any type of cardio exercise, such as speed walking, jogging, walking, and endurance training.

– Track
The track of this treadmill is 60” long and 20” wide. Aside from that, the cushioning of this model is a ProShox trademark. It could reduce the impact of running on the joints by up to 28%

Enjoy your workout even more as you plug in your iPod in the treadmill’s audio port. It also has a pair of 2” speakers that produces quality sound.

– Space Saving
Perfect for apartments and places that don’t have much space. You could easily fold the treadmill vertically with just a single push. Thanks to the EasyLift technology.

What We Don’t Like

Price Games
Buying this equipment at its full MSRP could probably make you regret that decision later on, because you could also purchase it on sale and enjoy discounts.

Final Verdict

If you’re in search of a treadmill that would last for several years, then you should consider the 995i. It’s a treadmill that runs smoothly and features a well-cushioned tiltilable rack. Though, the most remarkable feature of this treadmill is the price. For less than a thousand dollars, you’ll be able to enjoy a series of workout!