ProForm Power 995c

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ProForm Power 995c Treadmill Review:

The ProForm recently released an updated version of the Power 995 and it’s called as the “Power 995c.” Based on reviews, this treadmill seems to be very promising and has a great value. Aside from that, it’s also packed with 30 workout apps, as well as the iFit feature that allows users to personalize their workout training programs, making it more interactive and entertaining at the same time. For most, they could attest that this model is ideal for home use.

Notable Features:

– Workout Programs
The Power 995c has 30 built-in programs that are specifically designed by certified personal trainers, giving you a guarantee that it could help you achieve your weight loss goals. Similarly, you could also connect this equipment to iFit Live and enjoy additional exercise support. You could download customized training workouts, have a marathon with your friends, enjoy a bunch of charted route with Google Maps, and so much more. Also, you could automatically modify the incline, speed, and resistance of this treadmill. Who would’ve thought that losing weight could be entertaining and fun?


– Incline Feature
In order to help you minimize the pressure on the knees and joints, you could tilt up the deck of the Power 995c up to 15%.

– Heart Rate Monitors
This treadmill has a heart rate system monitor made by Polar. You could monitor your heart rate during training, but you could also use the pulse sensors if you prefer the manual system.

– Motor
The Power 995c is strong enough for commercial use, because it has a 3.0 CHP motor and it could support the daily exercise of the whole family. Additionally, it has a speed of 12mph and the motor is also quiet. With this exercise equipment, you could enjoy jogging, walking, interval training, speed training, and even endurance runs.

– Track
Its track is 60” long and 20” inches wide– anyone could even enjoy a full running stride, even if they’re tall. Also, it has a ProShox cushioning that could minimize the impact brought by running for as much as 28%.

– Audio
Listen to your favorite music during workout. You could plug your iPod on its audio port and enjoy the sound through a pair of 3” speakers.

– Space Saving
Just like the other models of ProForm, the Power 995c also has a SpaceSaver Design. By just one push, you could vertically fold the treadmill and store it somewhere.

– Warranty
The motor and frame has a lifetime warranty; 3-year warranty for parts; and a year warranty on labor.

What We Don’t Like:

iFit Console
Even though most customers are aware that iFit console could be bought separately, they should still consider that the prices do fluctuate. The console could range from $99-149, depending on the type of membership you bought.

Final Verdict:
If you’re in search of a good quality treadmill that would last for a number of years, then this one’s for you. It’s a machine that runs smoothly, has a quiet motor, and the track is well-cushioned. Lastly, the 30-workout apps included in this treadmill would help you stay motivated for a long period of time.