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ProForm Performance 600c (Folding)

Recently, a lot of fitness enthusiasts are in search of a treadmill that’s affordable, but also durable. That’s the reason why ProForm upgraded their Performance 600c treadmill last 2014. This latest version is 60” long and 20” wide, which means it’s bigger as compared to the older version that’s only 58” in length.

Aside from that, the Performance 600c also has 22 workout programs and it could also be connected to iFit Live, but you must have a subscription or membership in order to enjoy its features. It’s Internet enabled, with interactive features, giving the users the privilege of customizing their workout plans depending on their needs

Notable Features:

– Space Saver Design
ProForm offers treadmills that are space-saving. You could easily fold the deck when you’re not using the device and you’ll be able to save a considerable amount of space.


Folding treadmill

– Workout Programs
With the Performance 600c, you could enjoy 22 workout programs that could help you achieve your weight loss goals. Though, that’s not all, you could also use the iFit Live, have a marathon with your Facebook friends, monitor your progress, and many more.

– Incline Feature
In order to help the user burn more calories in a short amount of time, the Performance 600c has a 12% incline. By simply pushing a button, you could utilize the incline feature, and the track would also adjust when you’re using Google Maps, as it simulate the routes.

– Track
The track of the Performance 600 c is ideal for runners. It’s 60” long and 20” wide. It’s long enough that it could accommodate almost anyone’s stride.

– Cushioning
This treadmill could reduce the joint stress– thanks to the patented ProShox cushioning it has. You could train for a longer period of time, without experiencing much stress, which means the recovery time would also decrease.

– Heart Monitor
Staying in your ideal heart rate zone would help you get fit at a quicker rate. Though, it’s not that precise.

– Audio
You could enjoy your favorite tune during your workout, because you could easily plug your MP3 player in your treadmill. Additionally, it has a pair of 2” speakers.

– Motor
The Performance 600c has a 2.75 motor and it has a speed of 12mph. Though, you ought to know that we couldn’t guarantee about the motor’s quietness.

– Racetrack Console
It has a 6” display that monitors your progress, speed, time, distance, and the body temperature during the workout.

– Fan
It has a 2-speed Cool-Aire fan that could regulate the body temperature, even when you’re engaged in rigorous routines.

– Warranty
The frame and motor have a lifetime warranty; 2-year warranty for parts; and 1-year warranty for labor. Considering that it’s just a thousand dollar treadmill, the warranty it offers is not that bad.

Performance 600c

What We Don’t Like:

Even though it has almost all the features of a standard treadmill, the overall price isn’t justifiable, because by just adding three hundred dollars more, you could get a better model, such as the 1450.


Final Verdict:

The upgraded version of the Performance 600c is recommended for those who are in search of an affordable treadmill. It could support almost any kind of cardio training and it has additional features, such as the iFit Live that could help you stay motivated. Though, before fully committing to this one, you should still check the 900c or 1450 first.