ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical

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ProForm Front Drive Series Ellipticals: 720 E

The ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical is one of the few elliptical machines that’s iPod compatible, with a built-in mp3 player and a USB charging station. With that, it allows the user to stay productive, while charging up not only your body, but keeping you entertained and updated all throughout your workout routine. Likewise, it also comes with 20 digital resistance levels, as well as 24 workout apps that’s perfect for those who are trying to get serious with their workout.

Although it doesn’t have a full-color screen, the ProForm 720 E Elliptical trainer is iFit compatible, This only implies that you can interact using your mobile tablet, while doing your workout at the same time. The upper-body grips of this machine are also remarkable. You’ll experience a low-impact workout that you can feel all throughout your body. By the end of the day, you’ll have a stronger core, well-toned arms, minus the strain.

Lastly, you can monitor your heart rate effectively, because it also has a dual-grip monitor, guiding you through your target zone.

What We Like

> Frame: For an elliptical machine, the frame of the ProForm 720 E Elliptical is quite remarkable. It’s made of durable commercial gauge steel frame that it’s considered to be very reliable.
> Console: The Endurance 720 E Elliptical is iPod compatible and it also has a high-quality speaker and iFit enabled.
> 20” Elliptical Stride: This gives the trainer an elongated stride, and not the usual bouncy stride.
> 20 Pound Flywheel: Considered to be the heaviest flywheel for this price range, and it offers a more natural and smoother elliptical motion.
> Incline Controls: In order to ensure maximum efficiency minus the noise, it is equipped with Silent Magnetic Resistance technology, making it also ideal for home use.
> Customizable Features: It has a number of customizable features, such as the incline ramp and adjustable foot pedals.
> Warranty: Most trainers are in search of a machine that has a lifetime warranty on frame, and the ProForm 720 Endurance Elliptical has that.

What We Don’t Like

> Motor: A lot of users feel uncomfortable with the front drive series of this elliptical machine. For them, this series has a less natural feel.
> Console: Despite the fact that most elliptical trainers are iFit enabled, with this model, you still need to purchase a wireless module as well as a yearly subscription in order to enjoy its features.
> Controls: The in-handle controls of the Endurance 720 E can malfunction or work improperly.
> Warranty: The warranty period is quite short.
> No Full-color Display: If you want true engagement and motivation while doing your workouts, then you need to rely on your personal tablet.
> Not the Most Compact Machine: Even though it wouldn’t take much space, a lot of users say that it’s not convenient for home use either.

Final Verdict

No doubt, ProForm knows how to design an elliptical trainer that’s perfect for users, comfortable, and would last for years. They offer various models at varying prices, which gives you the option of choosing one based on your needs and allotted budget. Best of all, the Endurance 720 is easy to store and noiseless, making it the ideal trainer for home use.