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For a reasonable price tag, the proform 500 le has quite an extensive list of features. Online proform 500 le elliptical reviews claim it is well built, sturdy, is quiet in operation, and is easy to set up. Although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, the proform 500 le elliptical review posts claim it is a good machine, for the lower price point you pay for the proform 500 f elliptical.

What We Like

The proform elliptical 500 le has several great features owners would appreciate. Some of the factors which make the proform le 500 elliptical a good choice for an at home gym are as follows.

1. Saving space – The proform spacesaver 500 elliptical does just that – it saves you space. It is a slimmer elliptical, it folds away for storage, it has wheels to move it, and it is light in weight. All of these factors make the proform elliptical 500 a great option for a tight space at home. Folding it away you can store the 500 le elliptical under a bed, behind a wall, or in a closet easily when it is not being used at home.

2. Resistance settings – It features 12 resistance modes for you to choose from. For interval training or for more calorie burning, you can easily crank up the settings for a better, tougher workout. The silent magnetic resistance also ensures it won’t be too noisy as you are switching the workout modes. And, whether you are moving from one mode to the other, or simply increasing intensity, it is simple for you to operate the machine with the touch of a button.

3. Console –It features a 12 graffix display, which is bright, easy to read, and easy to adjust. The blue LED allows you to see at night or in darker conditions. On the screen you can also view the: time, calories burned, distance, time remaining or total workout time. You can toggle from different screens so you can see what you have done, and how much more time you have to go in order to complete your entire workout.

4. Workouts –There are 12 modes for you to choose from, if you are the type of person who likes to do something a little different each time you go for a workout. There are 6 weight loss and 6 performance modes. So, whether you want to burn more calories, or build muscle, there are programs which are perfectly tailored to this. Further, you can easily set them with one touch, on the bright screen. It is easy to set, and you can easily modify your workout in the middle, if you would like to target different muscle groups or activities when you are working out on Proform elliptical 500 le .

5. Features –Proform 500 elliptical has a surround sound system which is compatible with your iPod or Apple products, as well as most other mp3 players. It also has built in speakers, so you can enjoy a great workout, and listen to your favorite tunes during the workout as well. The 2.0 surround sound will allow you to listen to any song, with the highest quality and precision when you are plugged in to the elliptical trainer during your workout. There is a built in water bottle holder as well. So, you can place your bottle on the machine, rather than on the floor, when you are doing your workout on this trainer. A workout fan also keeps you cool, and you can set it to low or high setting. So, if you don’t want to sweat as much, or simply need to keep cool when you are working out, this fan is going to help with this.

6. Heart rate –You can monitor your heart rate during the entire workout as well, with the dual hand grip EKG magnetic strips. You simply hold on to the trainer arms as you are working out, and it will quickly give you a read out of your heart rate. If you like to maintain a certain heart rate, or if you want to increase the intensity, the monitors are going to keep you on track, and they will allow you to see exactly where you are at all times of your workout on this trainer.

What We Don’t Like

Some of the proform 500 le elliptical features are lacking in comparison to newer models and to other machines on the market. With the lower price tag, you are receiving an introductory machine. Some of the things it is missing on include:
1. Workouts – You do have 12 workouts, but they are similar. You have 6 for weight loss and 6 for performance. Rather than give you six different modes, or manual, you are limited to choosing from one of two categories when you set up for your workout. So, you do have differences in intensity levels, but apart from this, there is not much of a difference in the workout you are going to be doing when on this trainer.

2. Console –The console screen looks dated. It does not look as new and does not have as many functions as some of the newer machines out there. This goes hand in hand with the lower price. So, you are paying less, but the features are not as good, and the machine does not look as good as some of the newer options you have out there either, when you are shopping for a new elliptical trainer.

Final verdict

If you want a low price, decent quality, and only a few workout options, this machine may suffice for your at home gym. But, if you like various workout modes, and high intensity training, proform le 500 elliptical is on the lower end of the spectrum.