Horizon Evolve 3 Elliptical

The Horizon Evolve 3 elliptical trainer serves as the latest release for the year 2015. It boosts of combined unique ergonomic features and is equally characteristic of a series of appealing interactive applications.


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A detailed review of the Evolve 3 elliptical fitness trainer which is the latest release for 2015. Some of the key mentions include the highlights of the combination of unique ergonomic features which clearly showcase the brilliance of this fairly sophisticated, modern, advanced and smart trainer fitness equipment.
Also mentioned are rough estimates of the retail price as well as how the equipment works when connected to the internet as tracking of personal progress is concerned. Examples of the top features mentioned as being responsible for making this equipment even more attractive include the likes of: console Sixstar Certificate, the presence of ideally positioned Handgrips, Naturally designed foot paths which effectively mimic walking on air, 20 stride length and The Folded Folding mechanism etc

The Horizon Evolve 3 elliptical trainer serves as the latest release for the year 2015. It boosts of combined unique ergonomic features and is equally characteristic of a series of appealing interactive applications. Its design is in line with the present push being witnessed in the industrial production of fitness equipment (which is mainly to allow for fitness machines to respond more effectively while connected to the internet).

Horizon has officially joined the fray due to this latest release of the ViaFit which allows for the elliptical trainer to directly upload your personal statistics to your personal online account. These stats are combined with data from other equally popular health and fitness based applications. Collectively, the quality of the trainer coupled with its ergonomic design and several interactive features which in turn make the Evolve 3 a truly attractive package.

At the moment, the Horizon Evolve 3 fitness equipment is selling for around $1,299. This price includes a free inside shipping offer for every purchase. Frankly speaking, there is yet an additional cost included in the purchase of this upgraded service.

Overview of the top features

1. The Evolve 3 console Sixstar Certificate

It adheres to the Sixstar certification. Simply put, these are guidelines for engineering features which are mainly aimed at helping give the end user more ergonomic experience.

The SixStar features mentioned above include:-

i. A close pedal distance which serves to help reduce the stress to the joints. More specifically, for women, a wide pedal distance usually serves as a source for strain directed towards the hip joints.

ii. Very low pedal height which makes it very easy to not only step up but also easily step down when done using the machine.

2. The Horizon evolve 3 elliptical trainer is designed to always help you maintain an upright position. This feature provides a slightly more natural stance which is unlike the front drive elliptical.

3. Ideally positioned Handgrips which enhance dual action and workout. Take note, most front drive machines have handle bars too far forward. This usually prompts unnecessary leaning towards the front in the course of workouts.

4. Naturally designed foot paths which effectively mimic walking on air. This is mainly attributed to the fact that the Elliptical Evolve 3 is characteristic of a smooth momentum owing to its large pulley drive ratio.

The 18 Lbs Flywheel: the purported weight of the entire Flywheel on the Evolve 3 makes a significant contribution to a natural feeling and smooth elliptical motion. Interesting thing about the wheel is the fact that: even though it is not extremely heavy, it is adequate in making sure that each ride taken on the Evolve 3 always remains a smooth one.

5. 20 stride length. As strange as it may sound, 20 seems to have accommodated the most elliptical users. In case you are small, then you should seriously consider getting a machine designed with a slightly shorter stride length. On the other hand, in case you are exceptionally tall then getting an equipment with a 22 stride length will make more sense towards achieving your objectives.

6. The Folded Folding mechanism

The Evolve 3 elliptical is designed to allow it be folded upright. This has since been found to help significantly reduce footprint when the Elliptical is not in use. This is possible because when folded, the length is reduced by 28. What’s more, the Evolve 3 has employed the use of a Hydraulic system which in turn has made it very easy for it to be folded and unfolded.  evolve 3

7. 175 lbs Unit weight. This means that : unless you are exceptionally heavy, you are bound to find the Evolve 3 elliptical trainer feeling more solid and stable at the same time.

Overview of the Evolve 3 Interactive Features

The ViaFit

It allows the Evolve 3 elliptical trainer to communicate to the internet via Wi-Fi. Connection is through either the ViaFit app or any other popular fitness application. Using the Viafit application, you can easily define fitness goals in the same manner as workouts, the amount of calories burned, extent of exercise, total distance covered, or track record of your fitness progress. The best thing is, in the course of your training/workout, all of your personal stats are directly uploaded onto your personal ViaFit account from where it is relayed in the simplest form making it easier for you to keep track of your progress.

This feature also allows for you to easily import all fitness related and nutritional linked stats from other similar applications. Simply put, the app serves as a middle independent based resource to keep track of stats from numerous other applications. According to reports from previous studies, individuals who closely monitor their progress are most likely to attain their fitness goals compared to those who do not. In fact, in line with this, tracking software, specifically those which are used in smart phones are becoming very popular. Bottom line is, tracking your progress gives you a remorse trip in case you find yourself slacking.

This feature visional in the sense that: it allows for the simulation of outdoor running across famous landscapes. What happens is, the Evolve 3 connects to your Television set and in turn switches display to High definition destination footage which is also synced on to the intensity and most importantly speed of your workout. Take note, there is however an extra cost included in the purchase of a Passport Box.

Our Review Horizon Evolve 3 Elliptical Trainer

The Horizon Evolve 3 elliptical provides a rather sweet package owing to its unique combination of Sixstar features coupled by the inclusion of the passport and ViaFit applications. One of the most notable features of the Evolve 3 is the fact that the ViaFit acts in a similar manner to a clearing house for several other nutrition, fitness and health based apps. This is possible since most companies involved in the production of fitness equipment are currently embracing the use of proprietary apps. Remember, it is impossible to include incorporation of stats already collected from other associate programs and expect to get an clear general picture of your personal health, fitness and most importantly nutritional profile.

The Horizon Evolve 3 elliptical has qualified one of the three top most elliptical retails at the price range of around $1,300. In addition to this, it is also backed with one of the most impressive and reliable customer service ever witnessed in the entire industry. Taking into consideration all of the above, I can confidently recommend this equipment for moderate singles as well as multiple users.