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The Elite T9   is the treadmill you need if you want to take your fitness to a whole new level. The Horizon  T9 Folding treadmill will raise your metabolic rate and build your muscles with precision. There is also a digital calendar allowing you to plan your workouts right away. The  treadmill  also comes with an impressive guarantee, which is great considering its price. You will not have to use any kind of shoe on the Elite T9 treadmill  as it comes with the right blend of firmness and shock absorption. The  treadmill  also comes with a lubrication that is capable of lasting for a lifetime. The Elite T9 treadmill’s energy saver mode will allow you to save on energy bills, as it turns the machine off if you are not using it.

The Elite T9 treadmill is the top treadmill of Horizon for the year 2014 and 2015 and our top pick for the best treadmill designed for runners. We think that paying $1,999 for this treadmill is fine, but paying the full price of $2,499 might not be too fair, as there is tons of competition at that particular price. Passport video is a feature which comes with Virtual Active tracking. The videos of this workout system will be adjusted to your workout pace. And you will virtually experience the French Riviera, the Rocky Mountains, and other top locations. There are 44 standard workouts in the system, and Passport videos are for sale separately.

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The Elite T9 features a 20” x 60” track requiring no maintenance at all. It is also powered by a powerful 2.75 CHP drive with advanced cushioning. The Horizon Elite T9 treadmill’s maximum weight capacity is just 350 pounds.

Horizon Fitness advertised that this model includes Bronze Delivery in its price, meaning that the delivery people will take this treadmill into your home’s first story, but you will need to pay extra to take it to another level.

What We Like:

♦ViaFit Connect is the data tracking solution that will allow you to save time managing numbers. You will get exercise data via Wi-Fi, which will come from online communities, and it is compatible with other fitness apps out there.

♦You will be able to plan your workouts via its digital calendar. You can use the manual mode or choose from tons of programs targeting distance, calorie burning, step goals, performance and interval. Users can also save and design 2 treadmill workouts.

♦You can also travel the world with your treadmill thanks to Passport video. You will be using this treadmill’s Wi-Fi connection to connect this machine to your TV scren. You will hear ambience sounds and watch HD video. You can buy these videos in sets of six, which are sold on the famous USB sticks. Some of the destinations are the French Riviera, Italian Alps and Arizona’s red canyons.

♦The track is maintenance-free with the exception of dusting. You will not need running shoes on this treadmill as it comes wiht a blend of firmness and shock absorption. When landing on the treadmill, you will see the softwer section of the three levels of firmness. In Horizon Elite T9 Folding Treadmill manual you will get all the instruction even how to walk uphill right in your living room.

♦The Horizon Elite T9 treadmill folding treadmill will allow you to get an awesome muscle definition and raise your metabolic rate, as you will be able to tilt it by up to fifteen percent. You will see the display data on a full-color touch screen. Pace, speed and incline are some of the data displayed. You will also see date and time.

♦The Horizon  T9 Treadmill has a top speed of twelve mph, and the lowest speed is 0.5 mph. This treadmill also comes with speakers, a fan, 2 beverage holders and a reading rack. It also comes with a heart rate monitor. You can also send the data to any website or app. The Elite T9 treadmil by Horizon also comes with a USB port for you to use your MP3.

♦The Elite T9 treadmill’s motor has a lifetime guarantee. This treadmill will allow you to save floor space as it can be folded upward quite easily. The unfolded dimension are 36” x 77” and the folded ones are 36” x 44.”

♦You will not have to wax this treadmill as its comes with lubrication that can last for a lifetime. There is also an energy saver mode that will turn the machine off if you forget doing so.

What We Don’ t Like in our Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill reviews:

♦It does not come with a generous warranty, which does not happen with its competitors. If you pay the Horizon Elite T9 price at $1,999, the warranty seems to be fine, but if you purchase it for $2,499, then things change dramatically. There is a 2-year labor warranty, 5-year parts warranty and a lifetime motor and frame warranty.

♦The Elite T9 is an impressive machine, but the customer support behind this treadmill might not be quite good.

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♦The Elite T9 Folding Treadmill is a clear winner as it has a great design that appeals to runners and also a great durability. The Horizon T9  comes with preset workouts, well-cushioned track, ViaFit and Passport video, which will make your life easier.

♦The Horizon elite t9 folding treadmill fitness equipment is sold for $1,999 and its 5-year parts warranty is great, but there is a lot of competition at this price range. You will get a lot of adventure with this treadmill, and your fitness level will be taken to a whole new level.