Horizon Elite T7 Folding Treadmill

New for 2015, ViaFit allows the Elite E7 elliptical to communicate with the Internet. Through your ViaFit account you can create challenges and track your stats and your progress online. What is also very appealing about the technology is that you also can download stats from popular health, fitness and weight loss apps.


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The Elite T7 Treadmill is considered to be one of the most notable fitness machines that’s packed with a lot of useful features that’s perfect for beginners, as well as to those fitness enthusiasts who are in search of a treadmill that can give them the kind of workout their body needs. With this treadmill, you’ll be able to enjoy the new and innovative video workout advancements, a set of several workout programs, the ViaFit tracking, and best of all, the parts of this fitness machine has a 5-year warranty and the motor of this equipment is qualified for lifetime guarantee, giving you an assurance that even when the machine malfunctions, you still have the privilege of having it fixed without spending even a single dime.

Review Features of the Horizon Elite T7 Folding Treadmill on video!

As for the ViaFit feature, your workout tracking will be simplified. There’s no need to manually enter your workout setting, because the equipment will do this for you. This only implies that you can try something new or stick to what you’re used to! — The T7 Treadmill is considered to be the perfect treadmill not only for runners, but for walkers as well. However, it’s also referred to as the older model of the popular, and most-sought after treadmill, which is the Elite T9. This model has a 60”x20” exercise surface, a 3.00 CHP drive, state of the art cushioning, and it has the ability of holding as much as 350 pounds. Additionally, this model that’s being advertised by Horizon Fitness is qualified for Bronze delivery. Which only implies that there’s no need to leave this heavy, 230-pound machine outside your house, because someone will bring it to the ground floor. Likewise, you can also pay extra if you want the staffs to deliver your equipment on the upper floor of your house, and assemble it for you.

Notable Features:

– ViaFit Connect: This is the Horizon Fitness web app mainly used for tracking the data. Also, it allows the user to connect the equipment to the worldwide web and monitor the fitness data while doing your workout routine. This only implies that you’ll be able to monitor your progress, allowing you to determine if you’re already reaching your fitness goals or not. However, depending on your own preference, you can also use the other fitness apps of the T7.

– Track Length: The T7 treadmill folding treadmill has a track size that’s perfect for runners. It’s 60 inches long and 20 inches wide.

-Passport: For those who have tried several luxury treadmills, they’ll be familiar with this feature. Passport allows the user to connect his T7 to the TV screen with the use of WiFi. Likewise, the HD video it has, will allow you to savor and enjoy the beautiful settings, as the treadmill itself responds with the intensity and speed of your workout. There are a lot of places that you can see, this includes: the Canada, French Riviera, and Italy.Elite t7 treadmill

– 42 Programs: The Elite T7 Folding Treadmill has a set of workouts that’s ideal for everyone. Each user can choose from the Horizon  T7 Folding Treadmill manual or 40 programs that focus on burning calories, performance, distance, interval, and step goals. Aside from that, you’re also free to create your own customized workout programs.

– Variable Response Cushioning: This feature offers several firmness zones under the track. Aside from that, it also offers a balance of sturdiness, and it could also absorb the impacts made during running and walking. The effects of this feature can significantly reduce the risks of getting injured, while increasing the efficiency of the runner, allowing you to burn more calories.

– High Speed: The T7’s top speed is around 12 mph.

– Display: The T7 Treadmill has a screen display that’s 8.5 inches wide. This allows the user to view the data gathered during workout, such as: distance, time, speed, incline, calories burned, pulses, and laps made.

– Incline: With the T7, you can walk uphill, even when you’re inside the house! The track of the  Elite T7 Folding is capable of inclining for up to 16%. This only implies that with the help of this fitness equipment, your metabolism will dramatically improve and you’ll get more muscle definition. Also, you can adjust the incline depending on your needs, with the use of the already installed programs.

– Heart Rate Monitor: The T7 has a polar wireless telemetry– one of the most efficient heart rate monitors, because it’s capable of reading the heart rate with complete accuracy.

– Console Extras: Based on most horizon Elite T7 treadmill reviews, this equipment is very convenient to use, because it has a beverage holder, reading rack, speakers, and even a fan.

– Motor: It has a powerful that’s also noise-free.

– Audio: Who says you can’t have fun while doing your workout? You can with this equipment! This treadmill fitness equipment has a USB port that will allow you to connect your iPods, MP3 players, and the large speakers will also allow you to savor your favorite tunes.

– Folding: Once you’re done using this equipment you can easily fold it and keep it wherever you want.

– Low Maintenance: Say goodbye to your anxiety, thinking that this system will malfunction after prolong use! This treadmill has the ability to care for itself.

– Warranty: The T7 has a lifetime motor and frame warranty, 5-year warranty for parts, and a year warranty for labor.

– Energy Efficient: If you stop using this fitness equipment for about 15 minutes, it’ll automatically go to energy-saving mode. 


– Poor Customer Service: Fortunately, when you buy this device, it’s not likely that you’ll have to contact their customer service. Despite the fact that the equipment itself is quite outstanding, the customer service is not. So, if you’re going to need replacement or ask for repair services, be sure to have the enough patience you need.

Final Verdict:

If you’ll make some research, it’s more likely that you’ll discover that the T7, is one of the most popular treadmills available, and there are plenty of Horizon Elite T7 Folding treadmill review to support that. In fact, most reviews will even tell you that this treadmills is highly recommended for personal use. Also, it’s very affordable, because the horizon Elite T7 price is only $1,499 when it’s on sale. Though, when not one sale, the price of this treadmill is almost similar to other treadmills available in the market– according to most Elite T7 Folding treadmill reviews.