Horizon Adventure 5 Plus Folding Treadmill

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The Horizon adventure 5 treadmill is known for a number of its unique features including Passport video workouts, 35 built-in programs and ViaFit to track your progress.

In order to allow Horizon adventure 5 folding treadmill users to track their progress ViaFit technology is used in it which connects this device to their favorite apps for this purpose. It flows your data to the fitness app of your choice freely through your Wi-Fi network. The illustrations created by ViaFit can help you in visualizing your fitness progress easily.

The Horizon adventure 5 folding treadmill review provided in this write-up introduces you with the benefits of the features of this fitness device. Its Passport feature works with your TV at home to view the workout videos. Maximum 12%incline and adequate cushioning are some of its advanced features which make it better than it previous version Horizon Adventure 3.

You can bring in your treadmill easily as currently the charges of Bronze delivery are included in the horizon adventure 5 plus treadmill price. It is worthy to get your treadmill upstairs and assembled by paying a bit more.

Positive features of adventure 5 treadmill

Passport: Along with Adventure 5 treadmill this feature is used by various other treadmill brands since 2014. Through Wi-Fi it connects the treadmills of this series to the TVs of their customers to stimulate and give them an experience of outdoor exercises through beautiful Passport videos. It also allows them to adjust the intensity and speed of their running or walking. Some of the destinations in these videos include Venetian canals, the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the French Riviera so that is why this feature is known as Passport.

ViaFit Connect: It is the new technology used in Horizon adventure 5 plus. If you have the range of wireless internet then it can connect your treadmill to the internet to track the data of your fitness automatically. Though ViaFit app is also provided with it for this purpose but if you are not satisfied with its functions or want to use some other app then it allows you to use them to chart the data of calories burnt and distance travelled etc.

Variable Response Cushioning: This feature of adventure 5 treadmill allows you to use it in three fitness zones- front, middle and back. The landing zone in the front is well cushioned and the back is made firm for better push-off. Thus it helps in boosting your performance and reducing the chances of knee injury through its special cushioning.Adventure 3 treadmill

Track Length: The standard 20 inch width and 60 inch track length of horizon adventure 5 plus treadmill allows most of the runners to run at high speed with full strides.

Display: This feature of horizon adventure 5 folding treadmill fitness equipment allows displaying work data in soft blue lighting showing distance, time, speed, incline, pulse, laps and calorie burnt on a 7.5 inch screen. You can also visualize your progress through a race tracking graphic. So this is a nice but not luxurious feature of this fitness device as it does not display on bigger screen in full colour like others. You can also use this device with your TV to view special virtual workout videos provided by Passport feature to motivate you.

35 Programs: You can use horizon adventure 5 treadmill manual mode or 32 preset workouts including 10 for distance, 9 for calorie burn, 3 interval training workout and10 step programs to choose suitable workouts for you. It also allows you to design and save 2 personalised workout programs.

High Speed: 12 mph is the top speed of this treadmill.

Additional console: Reading racks and cup holders are the additional features of this treadmill like various others.

Incline: According to Horizon adventure 5 plus treadmill review its track can incline up to 12% to give you a feel of walking uphill. It helps you in toning up muscles and boosting metabolism by controlling its incline with preset program or adjusting it manually.

Motor: 2.5 CPH of its motor offers more power than 2.5 HP motors used by other treadmills. Lifetime warranty and quiet running are the other features if its motor.

Audio: The MP3 players with 3 inch x 5 inch built-in speakers provided with it allows you to enjoy music during workouts.

Folding: It can be folded to cover a bit more than two feet space when not in use as its unfolded dimension is 76 inch x 34 inches whereas folded is 50 inch x 34 inch.

Energy Saving: This console switches off to save energy if it is not used for 15 minutes.

Things people do not like

Maintenance requirements: The owner has to grease it frequently due to low horizon adventure 5 plus price. But you can get self-maintaining treadmill by spending some more money.

Contact grips: Contact grips on this device are less accurate and convent then others as they are manually operated.

Review More Features of the Adventure 5 Treadmill on video!

Customer service: Services provided by Horizon Fitness customer service are frustrating as many user of other Horizon treadmills have to wait unnecessarily for service calls and replacements. Supply of damaged parts during transit is also mentioned by them in their reviews.

Stability: The maximum load capacity of 300 pounds of this treadmill is also suspicious. Horizon Fitness has the history of advertising wrong weight capacity of their devices. You can expect stability of this treadmill for the users weighing up to 200 pounds after assembling it whereas the weight of this machine is 188 pounds.

Warranty: According to the price it is OK with its warranty. They offer lifetime warranty on its frame along with three years warranty on the parts and one year on labour on its motor. You may not get labor warranty in the whole US.


According to this Horizon adventure 5 folding treadmill review it has a great list of features including loaded console and cushioned tracks along with diverse programming which can satisfy almost all the runners or walkers except marathon trainers. You should rate it in terms of reasonable durability and three years warranty on its parts.